Words By Heart

Custom Listing for Sarah

Double Vertical Bar Necklace

Sterling Silver

"sisters forever"

"melissa ann" with angel wings

(all lowercase pepita font)



Ship To: 

Emily Massie

47166 State Hwy M26

Atlantic Mine MI 49905


We're praying for you. We love you.  We know how special sisters are and Melissa will always be yours! 

Love, Jamie and Sarah"



Sterling Silver Disc

"Melissa Ann" on outside

(Upper & Lowercase Pepita Font)

Angel Wings on inside




Ship to:

Janet Curtis

534 Pewabic

Laurium, MI 49913


"Auntie Jan

We're praying for you and we are so sorry for your loss.  Melissa will be so greatly missed.  We love you!

Love, Jamie and Sarah"