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Grace Upon Grace Cuff Bracelet with Leaves. Inspirational Christian Gift. Personalized Motivational Jewelry Rose Gold, Gold, Brass, Silver

Grace Upon Grace Cuff Bracelet. Inspirational Motivational Encouraging Christian Gift.

Our cuff bracelets measure 1/4" wide, and 6” end to end with a 1” gap to slide on and off the wrist. The metal is somewhat pliable so that it can be squeezed tighter, or opened up wider if needed. Our cuff bracelets generally fit most wrists measuring 5.5” – 8”. If you need a smaller or larger size, please contact us!

-» Material Choices «-
✧ Sterling Silver – An ever popular choice for silver fans. Beautiful, high quality metal that typically is a safe bet for those with allergies. Light, shiny silver in color.
✧ Brass** - pale gold in color, this material is beautiful and mimics real gold at a fraction of the cost. Polishing pads & care instructions included with this option.
✧ 14k Gold-Filled. 10X the thickness of gold plate. It will not flake, tarnish, or turn your skin green. This is a gorgeous option. Gold-fill has a brass core with a thick shell of 14k gold so you get the benefits of real gold without paying hundreds of dollars.
✧Rose Gold-Filled – Like the above Gold option, Rose Gold Filled is 10X the thickness of gold plate. It will not flake, tarnish, or turn your skin green. It has a copper core with a thick shell of pure rose gold.

** Brass & copper are considered living metals, meaning they react to air, moisture, oils, etc. Over time your bracelet will naturally oxidize from being exposed to any of these elements. Some people prefer the aged look, while others like the bright shiny gold/rose gold. Included with each order is a polishing pad, which will completely remove oxidation and keep your bracelet looking shiny and new should you choose to use it. A care card with instructions will be included. ***

✧ Questions? Contact me through Etsy Convos and I will be happy to help!

✧ Please note: We HAND STAMP, which is different than engraving. Each letter is individually stamped into the metal one-by-one with a letter chisel and a hammer. No two items will ever look identical and your item may vary slightly from the listing photo. We take immense pride in our work and will never send anything that falls below our high standards, however, please realize that these are handmade, not machine made. Some small imperfections in alignment may occur.