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Necklace Extender. Add Length to Your Necklace. Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Filled, Rose Gold-Filled.

Add an Extender to any piece of jewelry!

Your choice of Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Filled, Rose Gold-Filled

This extender is made from the same chain as our necklaces. It will have increments of chain, and small jump rings at each inch + a spring ring clasp on one end.

Choose to have a clear crystal on the end as shown, or without. Without will just have the small jump ring at the end.

REAL 14k Gold thickly bonded to a base metal core. It is up to 100x thicker than plated jewelry. It is generally acceptable for anyone with sensitive skin to wear. I personally have highly sensitive skin and am able to wear all of our metals without any issues at all. Gold-filled does not tarnish. It features all of the benefits of wearing real gold at a fraction of the cost. The base metal is never exposed, so there is no difference that the eye can see. The color is a beautiful bright gold and looks especially beautiful on warm & dark skin tones.

Rose-Gold Filled:
REAL Rose Gold thickly bonded to a base metal core. It is up to 100x thicker than plated jewelry. In order to get the pink color, a small amount of copper is added to the gold. This can occasionally cause reactions in people with highly sensitive skin, but it is such a small amount that it generally is ok. Rose Gold-Filled does not tarnish and is an absolutely beautiful color. It looks great mixed with Silver and is especially beautiful on cool & light skin tones.

Sterling Silver:
Real .925 grade solid Sterling Silver. All silver tarnishes and Sterling Silver is no exception. Interestingly, it has a great bit to do with personal body PH levels. Some people with alkaline bodies can wear silver and it will look new forever, others can turn a piece in a matter of days if they are more acidic. Either way, silver can be easily cleaned with a polishing pad . These pads can also be purchased in our shop if needed:

In order to preserve your item’s longevity, please remove your necklace when you take a shower, go for a swim, or work out. Sweat, water, and perfume can cause Sterling to tarnish quickly as well as cause the ink to fade on all metals. If your necklace gets wet it will not ruin it, but it is very helpful to dry it off as soon as possible. **Please avoid spraying perfume or applying lotion while wearing the necklace. Remove your jewelry first, apply perfume/lotion, then put your jewelry back on after application has absorbed into your skin.** With proper care these necklaces should last for many years.

We know sometimes things can get lost in transit - that is why we guarantee delivery of all items. If it is lost we will replace it.
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