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Shipping & Product Upgrades


"Production": How long it takes us to make your order and prepare it for shipping.
At any given time, we have hundreds of orders in the queue. Though it may not take 5 days to make your order, we may have 5 days worth of orders in line ahead of yours (and you better believe everyone wants their order ASAP too!) Changes to your order, lack of clarity in your personalization, requesting proofs and/or pictures, and an abundance of questions/concerns/conversations WILL result in your order being delayed. We want to make sure your order is *perfect* before we ship it out and will not rush it and risk losing quality.

"Transit Time": How long it takes our shipping carriers to process and delivery your item. We normally use United States Postal Service and Fed Ex.


Free Shipping:
USPS First Class Mail
3-10 business days Transit Time in addition to our Production time.
This is the regular USPS mail service that is widely used across the county. It is the economical (inexpensive) service that is given *last* priority during busy times.

USPS Priority Mail
2-4 business day Transit Time + Production time.
This is NOT guaranteed and we cannot refund if the USPS does not follow their own guidelines (very rare.)
Very dependable service and is what I always select when ordering anything for myself online.
We do not make any type of profit off of this charge - it goes straight to purchasing your postage.

USPS Express Mail
1-2 business days Transit Time + Production Time
This upgrades your transit time to 1-2 business days.
We do not make any type of profit off of this charge - it goes straight to purchasing your postage.
This is a guaranteed service, so if it is not delivered on time, you will be refunded your shipping charge.

USPS Express Mail + Expedited Production
1-2 days transit + 2 days production

Almost Overnight
Fed Ex Overnight + 1 Business Day Production
1 day to make your order, 1 day to ship, delivery on 3rd day.
***PLEASE NOTIFY US by sending us a convo if you make this selection. We are a busy shop and want to make sure we see your order the moment it is placed.***
Why is this option so much more than the others?
1. It is Fed Ex
2. We drop everything we are doing to take care of your order, which may result in no sleep if necessary (seriously, we already work 14-18 hour days 6+ days a week.)
3. The Fed Ex office is 40 minutes away so there is a fuel charge and we can't work on other orders while we are transporting yours.